Global Site Solutions – North Vancouver Website Design

Global Site Solutions – North Vancouver Website Design
One of the most interesting parts of our job is to find out the diversity of businesses the world has to offer. To be able to create a website that really will have an impact for our clients’ business we have to familiarize ourselves with the product and how it interacts with the end client.
Designing this website was a great learning process into an industry that is not very well known to the regular Joe out there.
Their products sell and sell well – when people can find it!
Images are so important in our line of work mainly because we know that your first reaction to something depends on how it visually pleases you or not. Although beauty is a subjective issue, there are certain patterns and regular rules that we must follow. Creating the website layout for Global Sites Solutions, we made sure the pictures of the sites played an integral part in the overall look of the website. We needed to convey the message of “Quick, Sturdy, & Exceptional Quality” fast.
Nigel has been approached by 3 new prospect clients since we launched his website 3 months ago…Results, results, results.


Inside Page website design for Pre-engineered buildings

Album - website design for Pre-engineered buildings


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October 31, 2012

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