Newport Plumbing – North Vancouver – Website Design

Newport Plumbing – North Vancouver – Website Design

Newport Plumbing has made huge strides at staying on top of technology and up to day advertising. Using a combination of internet marketing and traditional printing marketing has work well for them. First step was the creation of their website with a clean, modern look that encompasses with the cleanness of their truck and the experience and efficiency they have.

We work had hand by hand to make sure they were completely satisfied with the look of the website, the usability and the time frame it took to get it up and running.

WEbsite Design for North Vancouver Plumbing Company - SEO Services

Testimonials of their work are primordial for gaining the trust of new clients. Website Design for Newport-Plumbing-North-Vancouver-Testimonials Page We have also provided an overall corporate image by making sure their business cards and promotional material are tied together and deliver the message they want their clients or possible clients to hear: Efficiency, Experience , Quality & Cleanliness.

Postcard-design-for-plumbing-company-showing logo, contact info and pics of services   Postcard-design-for-plumbing-company-in-North-Vancouver showing Quick tips and visa and mc logos

 Here is the design of the Magnet:

 Magnet design for marketing campaign for plumbing company in vancouverNotice the subtle differences between this design and the design for the front of the Business Cards. Although very similar, we wanted to make sure all the info necessary for someone to reach the company and make a quick decision if needed, was on the face of the magnet, right at their fingertips.


And here is the Business Card Design:

Business-card-design-for-plumbing-company-in Vancouver   Design of the back of a Business crd for a plumbing company in Vancouver


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October 31, 2012

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