Transitions Coaching – A One Page, Responsive Site

Transitions Coaching – A One Page, Responsive Site

One page sites move vertically, as if you had only one long, long page.

The trick is to enable it so you can still jump to the “page” you need to go to, through your navigation bar.  Therefore, another important feature, is to make sure that this navigation bar moves along with you while you scroll down.

transitions3Simplicity, elegance and a modern design were part of the design parameters for this Corporate Website.

Single Page websites have to be design properly to allow the same SEO features than a regular multi-page website.  You can’t sacrifice functionality for beauty, nor can you sacrifice beauty for functionality.

This is why is so important that the navigation bar can follow you: You don’t want for your users to have to go all the way to the top of the single page to look for the other page they are interested on. This would deter any cool factor of the page making it extremely unfriendly and frustrating to use.

Making the site responsive was a must as well. For a business coach, with clients on the go, allowing them to browse the website at ease on their smart devices was extremely important.






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August 23, 2013

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