Designing a website for your business is not only a matter of building a blog site that looks pretty. It has to work!  The Graphics need to go hand by hand with the functionality and user friendliness of a business that requires constant engagement of people.

Think of it as your Company Building, your office. If you are working from home and wanted to grow your company, perhaps rent an office in Vancouver, or design your own building to create an organization that works; you would have to hire an architect, an engineer and  perhaps an interior decorator to get the project from start to completion. At the very least, if you are just renting a space, you will have to explore different locations, decide on a budget  and sign up a lease. You will have then to maintain and upgrade the office all the time to assure the smooth running of your company with the least amount of disruption due to lack of preventive maintenance. You wouldn’t  only look after the physical aspect of the company/office, but furthermore, you will look after the systems and work flow you have in place to make it work smoothly and efficiently, to retain employees and happy customers; to have those happy customers coming back for more. Having a website is not any different… Or at least it shouldn’t be.

Website Design should should start with a great frame (Yes, we are still keeping the office building analogy), one that gives you flexibility (you know, in case you need to expand your office) and have pleasant, engaging decoration (You know, wall colors, art frames, furniture) that will make people happy when they come to work, and even happier when your client comes for a visit and wants to find out more about you, your company, and perhaps, close the  deal.

Website Design, SEO Optimization, Content Management are all modules in that Vancouver Office that need to be taken care of in a regular bases to make sure your company reaches its full potential.

At D-zign we make sure every website is designed with the capacity for growth, change and optimization. We also make sure that all your graphic needs are taken care of from the get go and that your ideas, vision and expectations are all taken into account. At the end of the day, your website is, more often than not, the company building/office  you always dreamed of, with the perfect view and all the side kicks you wanted, the gym or the paths to go for a run in the middle of the day, the catered meals, the little details that make your company, the best company in Vancouver, even better in British Columbia!

So, go ahead, dare to dream big and start by check our own website design, go through the different paths it take you, the work flow, the engaging art and graphics and close the deal. Please, come and shake hand in person or at the very least let us hear from you. We love to see your face and find out more about you and your company as well.

We love our work… How about you?

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